Live Beyond Land 004: Calm Outside of Comfort

Live Beyond Land 004: Calm Outside of Comfort

2 minutes

Maybe some of us really do have salt water in our blood.

Case and point: Emily Nagel. Born and raised on the beaches of Bermuda, she spent her life on and in the water. At age 10, she was introduced to sailing. And the rest, she says, is history.

From being a high performing competitor in the sport from the start to immersing herself in an education focused on Engineering and Naval Architecture, Emily’s let her passion lead the way - and it’s taken her incredibly far.

Beyond distances and travelling all over the globe to competitively sail or work for teams taking on major challenges, Emily’s time on the water has brought her further from fear - finding her greatest sense of calm on the open ocean.

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The unpredictability is incredibly high - yet to find confidence outside her comfort zone may be one of the most incredible and important journeys she’s navigated during her time at sea. And, a lesson that transfers onto the shoreline, too.

We’ll run into roller coasters all throughout life. Even when everything’s going wrong, there’s a way to find focus, some calm, and a sense of feeling at home in any, and every moment...when we let challenge be our teacher.

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