Mustang Survival Men's Callan waterproof jacket used on fishing boat on water while catching fish

A Heavy Hitter Of A Lightweight

3 minutes

Weighs less than a pound a piece.

Pulls way more than its own weight as your sidekick on marine adventures.

Developed for active use while maintaining complete waterproof protection, the Callan collection takes staying dry to a whole new (and incredibly lightweight) level.

Each piece is made out of MarineSpecTM MP; our most breathable and waterproof fabric across our outerwear.

man wearing callan waterproof jacket while fishing

Custom-engineered to endure the saltiest marine environments, the MarineSpecTM MP fabric is knitted to achieve a 3 way, mechanical stretch that moves with you. Even being fully seam sealed—meaning water stays out, for good—it won’t slow down your dynamic movements.

It’s the perfect piece of outerwear to cut the wind, without leaving you overheated; that’ll move with you while keeping you impeccably dry.

Unless you go in, of course.

man wearing callan jacket while sailing


A real techy note

The stretch in the fabric allows us to cut the garment more athletically.

Less fabric = less flapping at high speeds.

That doesn’t mean these pieces offer a tight fit - they’re just cut closer to the body, allowing you to lightly layer underneath to thermoregulate.

The Jacket and The Bib Pant both won the 2019 DAME Award in the Clothing & Crew Accessory category - proving that the pros in the marine equipment industry see this lightweight outerwear as a heavy hitter in keeping you protected without compromising your movement.

And because warm weather doesn’t mean you don’t want a wet rear, the Callan short keeps you covered when it’s beyond Bib Pant season, or your adventures don’t call for total coverage.

callan waterproof shorts being worn

Where to wear the Callan collection:

  • Inshore activities where agility and versatility are key

Great for:

  • Sailing
  • Kayak fishing
  • Bass fishing
  • Recreational boating

Make moves on the water in outerwear as dynamic as you are.

Gear Up In The Callan Collection

man cliff diving while another waves arms on a sup
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