Jakub Friedenberger

Jakub Friedenberger

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Jakub Friedenberger is a firefighter, paramedic, lifeguard, motorboat instructor, and renowned water rescue advisor. Currently, he works in the Operational Department of the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Gdańsk and is a prominent and well-respected promoter of water safety throughout Poland.

An exceptionally experienced individual, he is the founder and owner of the Lifeguard Gdynia organization and heads the Volunteer Fire Brigade Water Rescue in Gdynia. Additionally, Jakub is the author of publications on First Aid and Auto Rescue on Ice; is the architect of the national conference on water safety, On Duty; and has been cooperating with K38 Water Safety for many years.


Jakub first graduated from the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk and completed his post-graduate studies at the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw. His rescue career began by working as a lifeguard on Gdynia's beaches and as a paramedic in an ambulance service. During this period, he came across K38 as he passionately developed his interest in lifeguarding and water rescue. In particular, the training program and the possibilities of the RWC were turning points and presented the opportunity to undertake K38 certified training in Italy and visit the USA three times to meet, study, and work with K38 founder Shawn Alladio. On one of these trips, he worked with the Mustang Survival equipment and became a fan of it.


Jakub resides with his family in Gdynia on the Bay of Gdańsk, where he is often on the water. He is the ambassador of the campaigns 'Wear It Poland,' 'Zero proof Swim,' and is looking forward to training the next generation of professional boaters.

 Fast Facts

  • Member of a Rescue Commission, International Life Saving Federation of Europe
  • Completed Course Marshal IJSBA USA
  • A fan of good strong espresso coffee

Jakub's Mustang Survival top gear pick: Rescue Swimmer Vest

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